European Tree Frog

(Hyla arborea)

The European Tree Frog can be easily recognised by its greenish dorsal skin and the discs on the frog's toes and fingers. As the only native amphibian species able to climb, it can quite often be observed sitting on the leaves of scrubs. The mating calls of the males are very loud and can be heard from a large distance. During the summer, the calls can be heard in the summer habitats as well.

Shallow, sunlit, and fish-free waters are the favourite spawning grounds of the European Tree Frogs. These are often pools that regularly dry out during the late summer. Their summer habitats are located in sunlit, humid hedges and forest edges where they can climb up into the tree tops.

European Tree Frogs are very mobile. In the course of a year, they can cover large distances between their habitats. Newly created water bodies are often populated very quickly, whereby the females do not spawn in all the water bodies from which males have called.