LFA für Feldherpetologie und Ichthyofaunistik

Common Spadefoot

(Pelobates fuscus)

This small squat toad has vertical pupils and a less warty skin. Due to its concealed nocturnal lifestyle, it is rarely seen. It is also hard to find during the mating season. The mating calls of the males can be heard only from a distance, since they call from below the water surface.

The Common Spadefoot is considered to be an original steppe inhabitant. Today they are found primarily in agricultural areas on sandy soil where they can easily dig themselves into the ground. Relatively little is known about this species' lifestyle. The Common Spadefoot uses a wide range of standing and slow running waters as spawning grounds, usually the waters are highly vegetated.

The Common Spadefoot is probably the rarest species that is being targeted for conservation efforts in the project area.