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LIFE AMPHIKULT 350 Ponds for Lower Saxony

Welcome to the website of the LIFEproject AMPFHIKULT which is being carried out by Lower Saxony's Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). We provide information on the project's background, the measures to be taken as well as news updates.

Invasion of the European tree frogs

April 2013


First visible success at Lake Steinhude


2013 Akt LaubfroescheM Richter klein

From 2010 to 2012, altogether 36 amphibian water bodies were newly-created by LIFE AMPHIKULT at Lake Steinhude. Combined with additional water bodies that were created under the auspices of the Ökologische Schutzstation Steinhuder Meer (ÖSSM) in co-operation with various partners, the area provides approximately 140 water bodies for the reproduction of amphibians. A current population survey provided by Matthias Herold as part of his bachelor thesis impressively displays the effects of this high percentage of water bodies on the amphibian population.


Supported by Thomas Brandt (ÖSSM), Herold was able to record more than 1800 calling male European tree frogs. Thus, compared to the previous year, the population has tripled. Ten of the AMPHIKULT water bodies were occupied by calling European tree frogs, one of them was populated by 30 calling males."Usually it takes three to four years for a new water body to grow the adequate vegetation for the European tree frog to reproduce. It can go a lot faster, though, as proven by the AMPHIKULT body of water with the 30 calling males which was completed only last autumn" according to Thomas Brandt.


Study group holds meeting in Bückeburg

April 2013

Ponds of the Bückeburger Lowland surveyed

2013 Akt AG Bueckeburg NABU

As part of a conference, the study group that guides NABU's LIFE-AMPHIKULT Project visited the newly-created amphibian water bodies in the Bückeburger Lowland. This study group meets frequently to ensure intensive information exchange among all parties involved and to warrant highest quality for the measures that are taken. The participants included representatives from local nature conservation authorities, the district, the agency for nature conservation in Lower Saxony's Department for Waterway, Coastal and Nature Conservation as well as officials from Lower Saxony's Ministry for the Environment. NABU representatives and amphibian experts from Lower Saxony rounded out the attendance list.

2013 Akt AG TN Bueckeburg kleinPhoto: Thomas Brandt of the Ökologische Schutzstation Steinhuder Meer and NABU site manager explains the construction measures in the Bückeburg Lowland

Sharing experiences on the construction of small water bodies - Joint event with NABU's Yellow-Bellied Toad Project

January 2013

2013 01 22 Akt Liekwegen GBU kleinPhoto: NABU Lower Saxony

The construction of raw soil areas and small water bodies took centre stage at a joint event organised by LIFE AMPHIKULT and the BPBV's Yellow-Bellied Toad Project (Bundesprogramm Biologische Vielfalt = Federal Programme for Biodiversity). The project "Consolidation and Integration of Yellow-Bellied Toad Populations in Germany", which is operated by NABU Lower Saxony, is one of the objectives of the Federal Programme for Biodiversity. Their project partners from Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and North Rhine- Westphalia were invited to the Centre of Nature and Environmental Protection in Rinteln for an opportunity to share project experiences.

AMPHIKULT takes positive stock - 133 water bodies have been completed

December 2012

Foto: NABU Niedersachsen

Foto: NABU NiedersachsenAs the year 2012 comes to a close, so does the third year of AMPHIKULT's projected 5-year project. This is a good time for stock taking. Of the planned 190 spawning grounds sized from 500 to 5.000 m², 133 have been created or redeveloped so far. Altogether, water bodies with a total area of 120.000 m² have been created. In five of the 15 project areas, the envisaged measures have already been completed; in fact, it was possible to create more than the originally planned number of water bodies in some areas.

New ponds for the European tree frog

November 2012

Six new ponds have been completed for the European tree frog at the Rottbach Creek in Lower Saxony's Nienburg district.

During an inspection by the district's technical water management service, representatives of all involved institutions made an on-site visit to the water bodies. These water bodies were newly-created as part of the LIFE AMPHIKULT Project by NABU Lower Saxony. Kai Backhaus from BUND Diepholzer Moorniederung was commissioned by NABU to serve as the construction manager. He explained the construction measures in detail. There were no problems during the construction work and the water bodies were implemented as planned. Thus, nothing stood in the way of approval through Raik Sakowski and Tanja Schmitting from the technical water management service.

Photo: Inspection of newly-created spawning grounds at the Rottbach Creek (from left), project manager Dr. Markus Richter (NABU Lower Saxony), Sabine Fröhlich (technical service nature conservation), construction manager Kai Backhaus (BUND Diepholzer Moorniederung), Raik Sakowski (technical water management service)

2012 Akt Rottbach Abnahme