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Workshop 'Creation and Management of Amphibian Spawning Grounds'

Saturday, 12 July 2014

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January 2014


As part of NABU Lower Saxony's LIFE-AMPHIKULT project, a seminar on "Creation and Care of Amphibian Spawning Grounds" was offered. The seminar, which was executed in cooperation with the Regional Expert Committee on Field Herpetology and Ichthyofaunistics, as well as the Naturschutzring Dümmer e.V. (a local nature conservation and environmental protection organisation), is targeted mainly at volunteers.

It will take place on 12 July 2014 in the "Alte Schafstall" ("Old Sheep Pen") of the Schäferhof (Sheep yard) at the Dümmer in 49448 Stemshorn.

For an entire day, the seminar will deal with the key aspects of creating amphibian spawning grounds. Next to issues of size, depth and pond hydrology for the various target species, questions as to site selection, mandatory licenses and how to find a suitable civil engineering company will be discussed. The seminar will also deal with the issues of cost and funding possibilities, as well as necessary long-term maintenance and management. An excursion to several water bodies in the Dümmer Lowlands will round out the event schedule.

A participation fee of 20€ will be charged for the seminar. The detailed programme and a registration form will be available at in due time.