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LIFE AMPHIKULT 350 Ponds for Lower Saxony

Welcome to the website of the LIFEproject AMPFHIKULT which is being carried out by Lower Saxony's Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). We provide information on the project's background, the measures to be taken as well as news updates.

Measures completed

December 2010
In time for the turn of the year, the first  new water bodies have been completed. Altogether, 30 bodies of water  were created in three different areas.

At the beginning of October, the first excavators came rolling in and, at first, made good headway. “Towards the end, however, the situation became somewhat anxiety-ridden”. According to project manager Markus Richter, increasingly wet weather rendered further excavations impossible.  All our hopes centred on a few days of frost, which finally materialized. Once the ground was frozen, the excavators were able to get back to work and dig out the last ponds. “This shows the quality of our excavating companies, which do very well even under adverse conditions.”
In the meantime, preparations for the next season are underway. Sixty new ponds – twice as many as in 2010 - are scheduled to be put in place during the new year.