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LIFE AMPHIKULT 350 Ponds for Lower Saxony

Welcome to the website of the LIFEproject AMPFHIKULT which is being carried out by Lower Saxony's Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). We provide information on the project's background, the measures to be taken as well as news updates.

Frogs on TV

May 2011

NDR documentary on ponds and their populations

2011 frogs on tv
NABU Niedersachsen‘s Dr. Markus Richter during the shooting of a film on ponds and their populations

18 May 2011 – A film about ponds and their inhabitants during the course of a year – with a special focus on amphibians - is currently being produced in the Dümmer Nature Park (Diepholz district). The film is being produced by the production company AZ Media TV in Hannover on behalf of the NDR. It is part of the sequel 'NaturNah' and will be 30 minutes long. Dr. Markus Richter of NABU Niedersachsen, an expert on amphibians and project manager of the amphibian protection project LIFE-AMPHIKULT, will provide professional guidance and also have a chance to speak within the film. Susanne Schlink and Stefanie Milost are supervising the project at AZ Media TV.

Bodies of water near Thielmannshorst were chosen for the shots. Three ponds were created in this area a few years ago. A loop trail and lookout provide fantastic opportunities for close observation of the numerous frogs and newts – not only for camera crews. Several sign-boards provide information on the species populating the area.

The film focuses on the changes of the pond over the course of the year as well as on the various inhabitants both under and above water. Another topic that is dealt with is the protection of amphibians through NABU’s AMPHIKULT project. During film shooting in mid-May, the European tree frog was at the centre of attention. Loud calls emitted by the males at dusk fall to attract females provided an impressive backdrop. Markus Richter estimates that there are about 50 to 60 calling males within the three water bodies – one of the largest populations in the district. Further film shooting will look into maintenance measures, a vespertine excursion and the creation of new ponds by means of excavators.