International Symposium

5./6. September 2015 in Hannover

At the end of the project LIFE AMPHIKULT the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU; Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany), regional association of Lower Saxony, invites to the international symposium

Strategies in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation: Large-scale Habitat Management and Reintroduction

Due to the dramatic situation of amphibian and reptile populations conservation measures for these species groups have currently a high priority. During the symposium concepts, measures and results of different national and international projects will be presented. Main topics will be the restoration of suitable habitats and its maintenance in a large-scale as well as the reintroduction of amphibian and reptile species. The symposium takes place in the frame of the project LIFE AMPHIKULT in cooperation with the projects of NABU Niedersachsen „Reintroduction of the European pond turtle in Lower Saxony” and „Stabilisation and integration of Yellow-bellied toads in Germany”.

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