On- site project information

January 2014

First information boards erected

Tafel Bückeburg 2Tafel Liekwegen 2Tafel NAB 5-001

Bückeburg Lowland                                                     At Liekwegen Quarry                          At Lake Steinhude                                                                    

One of LIFE-AMPHIKULT's basic objectives is to inform the public about the project’s targets, measures and successes. The information boards that will be erected at strategic sites constitute one element of the information concept. Besides heavy visitor traffic the geographic proximity to implemented measures is among the criteria for determining a selected location. Ideally, the newly created water bodies can be viewed directly when standing at the information boards. First boards were recently erected at three sites. In coordination with responsible authorities, great care was taken to prevent a great multitude of distracting boards. Moreover, on-site circumstances, such as boards from other projects, were also taken into consideration. Thus, the particular layout of the information boards at the Bückeburg Lowland area was adopted from the look and set-up of the City of Bückeburg’s so-called info blocks. The new set-up was likewise adopted for existing smaller boards and guideposts at Liekwegen Quarry. Beside general information on the project and on Natura 2000 - the European networking of protected areas - the boards display details on the implemented measures in the relevant project areas.