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LIFE AMPHIKULT 350 Ponds for Lower Saxony

Welcome to the website of the LIFEproject AMPFHIKULT which is being carried out by Lower Saxony's Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). We provide information on the project's background, the measures to be taken as well as news updates.

Measures in the Diepholz Lowland bog area completed

December 2013

AMPHIKULT water bodies: 26 newly created and 5 restored

2013 12 05 Akt NAB 5 KB

Covering an area of more than 12.000 ha, the Diepholz Lowland bog area constitutes the largest project area of LIFE-AMPHIKULT. The varied landscape, comprising raised bogs and fens, inland dunes and wet grassland, is populated by all of the project's target species, with the exception of the European green toad. Thus, this area was a focal point for the implementation of measures. At the outset of the project, 29 water bodies were to be either newly created or restored. First measures were implemented in the autumn of 2011 and the final water bodies were completed very recently. Today, there are a total of 31 ponds; the projected number was thus actually exceeded by two. The planning and construction was managed by Kai Backhaus of the BUND Diepholz Lowland bog area. "LIFE-AMPHIKULT has benefited significantly from the BUND’s sound knowledge of the terrain and its extensive experience," according to project manager Dr. Markus Richter.   "Co-operation was exemplary." Everybody involved is eagerly anticipating the amphibian survey at the new water bodies which is scheduled for next spring.

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