NAB 6 Rottbach lowland

The Rottbach Lowland is a narrow grassland area at the edge of the the Mittelweser Valley, located in the southwestern part of the Nienburg/Weser district. While the upper course of the lowland is marked by lowland fen soils, the central part contains waterlogged gley soil. The lower course holds alluvial soil. The area exhibits a high percentage of grassland and numerous wood structures as well as rows of pollard willows and individual carrs.

For the European Tree Frog, the Rottbach Lowland is an important cross-linking element between the areas of Lake Steinhude (NAB 5) and the Diepholzer moor lowlands (NAB 7). The creation of water bodies aims at the recolonisation of the European Tree Frog in this area.

Area size: 228 ha

On-site contact Person: Landkreis Nienburg/BUND Diepholzer Moorniederung