LFA für Feldherpetologie und Ichthyofaunistik

NAB 4 Sachsenhäger aue lowland

Located in the natural geographic region of Boerde in the Schaumburg district, the Sachsenhäger Floodplain consists of three partial areas: The Hagenburger Forest mainly comprises oak forests. The grassland areas of the Rodenberger Floodplain and the Sachsenhäger Grassland to the southwest grow on decalcified loess and alluvial clay. The area is highly relevant for the forage of the Grey Heron and White Stork. The amphibian fauna has been reduced to only a few species. One of the Boerde's last remaining populations of the Natterjack Toad concentrates on a landfill site in this area. The project concentrates on this population for a future connecting of the highland (NAB 1) with the lowland (Lake Steinhude, NAB 5) populations. Additionally, the area is to function as a corridor area for the European Tree Frog, connecting the Brückeburger Lowland (NAB 2) with the Schaumburger Forest (NAB 3) and Lake Steinhude (NAB 5). The project aims at the colonisation of the European Tree Frog and the advancement of the Natterjack Toad population.

Area size: 877 ha

On-site contact Person: NABU Schaumburg

Link: NABU Schaumburg