LFA für Feldherpetologie und Ichthyofaunistik

NAB 3 Schaumburg forest

Located within the natural environment of the Weser-Aller Plain in the districts of Schaumburg and Nienburg/Weser, the Schaumburg Forest comprises deciduous and smaller coniferous woodlands as well as grassland areas. It is home to one of the biggest oak-hornbeam forests in Lower Saxony and to various important types of beech forest. While partial areas are protected through the Habitats Directive, the entire area is a registered EU bird sanctuary because the local population of the Middle Spotted Woodpecker is the largest in Lower Saxony.

The Moor Frog can be found at a few of the project sites, marking the southernmost population in Lower Saxony. Populations of Pool Frog and Crested Newt have been recorded as well. The European Tree Frog, last recorded in 2005, used to be common in this area as well. With the creation of the ponds, the project aims at the return of the Tree Frog and the dispersal of the Moor Frog.

Area size: 4.159 ha

On-site contact Person: NABU Schaumburg

Link: NABU Schaumburg