LFA für Feldherpetologie und Ichthyofaunistik

NAB 2 Bückeburg lowland

Traversed by the Bückeburger Floodplain, the Bückeburger Lowland is located at the western edge of Lower Saxony's Börde region in the Schaumburg district. The soil here consists mostly of alluvial clays. Because of extreme waterlogging, the meadows and grazing land of the core area have been able to survive to this day.

Among the state's largest grassland areas, the Brückeburger Lowland is a highly significant habitat for breeding and migratory birds. Exhibiting a relatively poor amphibian fauna at the moment, the area does, however, play an important role as a connecting corridor between the Liekwegen Quarry (NAB 1) and the Schaumburger Forest (NAB 3). Both the European Tree Frog, which has recently repopulated the area, as well as the local Crest Newt populations will be the beneficiaries of the newly created and redeveloped ponds.

Area size: 2.131 ha

On-site contact Person: ÖSSM/NABU Schaumburg

Link: NABU Schaumburg