NAB 15 Western Diepholz bog lowland and Hunte Valley

The project area is located in the natural geographic regions of Diepholzer Moorniederung and Cloppenburger Moraine in the Diepholz and Vechta districts. It encompasses the agricultural border areas of the raised bogs Aschener Moor and Großes Moor near Barnstorf, the adjacent Hunte Valley between the towns of Barnstorf and Colnrade, as well as the Goldenstedter Heath together with the valley of the Goldenstedter Mühlenbach. Among the predominant types of soil are lowland fen and raised bog soil at the bog borders, alluvial soil in the valley, as well as glacial till, sandy loess, and fluvial sand. The soils of this area are partly subject to high ground water levels.

A breeding site for birds and waders in particular as well as a resting place for cranes, whopper and tundra swans, the area is of national importance. The Goldenstedter Heath is home to a relict population of European Tree Frog. The creation of individual ponds appears to be stabilising the population of Hyla in the Lange Lohe area. Sightings of the Moor Frog have been recorded in several locations.

The area is of particular importance as a connecting corridor for various areas protected through the Habitat Directive: The Diepholzer Moor (NAB 14) in the south and the Goldenstedter Moor and Herrenholz in the north. The medium-range objective is the connecting of the Moor Frog populations in the area. Initially, however, the populations of Moor Frog and Hyla need to be stabilised.

Area size: 4.573 ha

On-site contact Person: Naturschutzring Dümmer e.V., NABU Dümmer, Landkreis Vechta