NAB 14 Diepholz raised bog

The Diepholz raised bog is part of the large bog complex to the west of the town of Diepholz.

This raised bog shows the extensive impact of human activity. Drainage, rural peat-cutting and buckwheat cultivation have considerably altered the area. By means of EU funds, partial areas have been subject to rewetting since 1996. The bog regeneration process can be witnessed on the accumulated peat-cuttings which are becoming overgrown with sphagnum moss. Other areas are being reconquered by open and semi-open heather moorlands or beech forests. The border areas are mostly extensively used grasslands. Numerous endangered species such as the Yellow-Spotted Whiteface, Coronella austriaca (Smooth Snake), Southern Grey Shrike, and the European Nightjar can be found.

The area has been designated as a NR and is registered as a protectorate of the Habitat Directive. A bog trail provides good insight into the area.

A small number of Moor Frogs spawn in areas of the raised bog that have been subject to rewetting. Successful reproduction, however, cannot be assured because the sphagnum growth results in water acidification. In order to secure and increase the Moor Frog population, spawning grounds free of acidification will be created at the border areas as part of the project.

Area size: 459 ha

On-site contact Person: BSH im Naturschutzring Dümmer e.V.

Link: Agenda 21 Diepholz