LFA für Feldherpetologie und Ichthyofaunistik

NAB 13 Artland

Highly structured by typical elements such as hedges, spinney, and running waters, the cultural landscape of the Artland is located in the Northern Osnabrück district. Grassland areas serve as pastures. The area is of both regional and national importance for various amphibian and dragonfly species as well as for meadow birds. The project area covers parts of the region "Bäche im Artland" which is protected through the Habitat Directive.

Currently, the European Tree Frog does not exist in the project area, it has been, however, recorded just outside the area borders. The Crest Newt has been recorded there as well.

For the European Tree Frog, the area functions as a connecting corridor between the Damme Hills (NAB 12) and Lake Dümmer (NAB 11) to the east and the protection area "Bäche im Artland" to the west. A recolonisation of the European Tree Frog in the region, and the development of an autonomously reproducing population, are the major project objectives for this area.

Area size: 2.613 ha

On-site contact Person: Regionale Arbeitsgruppe für Naturschutz im Artland e.V. (RANA)