NAB 12 Damme Hills

A terminal moraine formed during the last ice age, the Damme Hills rise approximately 100m above the surrounding lowlands. The mostly poor sandy soils are predominantly forested with coniferous trees. The grassland area is marked by several open creek valleys exhibiting a number of sand mines. Since the area is an important habitat for Lucanus cervus, the best-known species of stag beetle, partial areas are protected through the Habitat Directive. A relict from the times of ore mining, the lake area of the Damme Hills exhibits important animal and plant species and is designated as a nature reserve. A loop trail provides fantastic opportunities for nature observation.

The sand pits are home to Natterjack Toads. The Crest Newt and Alpine Newt have also been recorded in the area.

To connect the European Tree Frog populations in the Artland (NAB 13) and the Dümmer Lowland, water bodies will be created and restored in the Damme Hills area. Another goal is the colonisation of the Natterjack Toad outside of the sand pits to render the population less dependent on the mining activities.

Area size: 722 ha

On-site contact Person: NABU Damme

Link: NABU-Zentrum Dammer Berge, Dammer Bergsee