LFA für Feldherpetologie und Ichthyofaunistik

NAB 10 Marler Fladder

The Marler Fladder lowland fen is located in the Dümmer Lowland area of the Diepholz district. This landscape is the result of the siltation of westerly lying sections of Dümmer Lake. The natural reserves "Sette" and "Evershorst" are two of several forested islands of glacial till. Sandy areas on the edges date back to the last ice age.

Drainage and intensive agriculture have degraded a high percentage of the area. In some parts, however, extensively used grassland can still be found, which provides the space for one of the most important Whinchat breeding grounds in Western Lower Saxony. The Marler Fladder area plays a highly significant role in connecting the Natura 2000 regions „Openweher Moor" in the east to "Lake Dümmer" (NAB 11) in the west.

As a result of earlier conservation measures, the European Tree Frog immigrated from the east a few years ago. Individual Moor Frogs have been sighted as well. The project aims at considerably increasing and dispersing the population of the European Tree Frog.

Area size: 2.254 ha

On-site contact Person: Naturschutzring Dümmer e.V.

Link: Naturschutzring Dümmer