The project areas cover two project regions.

The first region to encompass fifteen project areas is located within southern and central Lower Saxony in a barely fragmented area between the cities of Osnabrück, Bremen, and Hanover.
From the western and eastern flatlands across the Boerden region (a fertile plain with a loess base that originated during the last Ice Age) and into the highland of southern Lower Saxony, the areas span four natural landscape units. Fifteen of the 19 amphibian types native to Lower Saxony populate this area.


The second project region - with five areas - is located in eastern Lower Saxony between the cities of Salzgitter and Helmstedt in the Boerden region.
This is the area that constitutes the current distribution range of the European green toad (Bufo viridis) in Lower Saxony. This species is by far the most endangered with regard to population numbers based on Appendix IV for Lower Saxony.
Nine of the twenty project areas are under the auspices of Natura 2000, the others are either focal habitats that include several amphibian types or they serve as corridors for the networking of Natura 2000 sites.

Second project region NAB-3 Schaumburger Wald NAB-2 Bückeburger Niederung NAB-1 Steinbruch Liekwegen NAB-4 Sachsenhäger Aue-Niederung NAB-5 Steinhuder Meer NAB-6 Rottbachniederung NAB-9 Hohes Moor bei Kirchdorf NAB-8 Siedener Moor NAB-7 Diepholzer Moorniederung NAB-7 Diepholzer Moorniederung NAB-7 Diepholzer Moorniederung NAB-10 Marler Fladder NAB-11 Dümmer NAB-12 Dammer Berge NAB-14 Diepholzer Moor NAB-15 Westliche Diepholzer Moorniederung und Huntetal NAB-13 Artland