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LIFE AMPHIKULT 350 Ponds for Lower Saxony

Welcome to the website of the LIFEproject AMPFHIKULT which is being carried out by Lower Saxony's Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). We provide information on the project's background, the measures to be taken as well as news updates.

Tracking the Moor frog - Spanish scientist at LIFE-AMPHIKULT

September 2012

Tracking the Moor frog - Spanish scientist at LIFE-AMPHIKULT

Tracking the Moor frogDiana Marco wades slowly through the knee-deep water of a swampland in the Barnstorfer Moor. The young scientist from Spain is on the lookout for Moor frog tadpoles. A few weeks ago, she had found numerous spawn clumbs here. Some of them were afflicted with mildew, an occurrence that can be observed quite often in acidic water bodies. Do some of the eggs still have a chance of developing into grown frogs? Diana Marco pursued this question in her just finished thesis, which she carried out under the supervision of Dr. Markus Richter, project manager of LIFE-AMPHIKULT.

AMPHIKULT seminar on the "Creation and Care of Water Bodies for Amphibians"...

July 2012

... Vechta City Hall’s auditorium was filled to the last seat!

Foto: NABU Niedersachsen

Saal im Rathaus Vechta

NABU Lower Saxony and the Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation had extended an invitation to the seminar "Creation and Management of Water Bodies for Amphibians". Just under fifty people from the nature conservation administration and local associations, as well as from planning offices, participated in the seminar, which was offered as part of the amphibian conservation project LIFE-AMPHIKULT of NABU Lower Saxony. Following a welcoming address from Vechta's mayor Helmut Gels, Dr. Markus Richter, project manager of NABU Lower Saxony, began his introductory lecture by outlining the habitat requirements, population development, and endangerment causes of native amphibians.


NABU’s local association of Diepholz surveys AMPHIKULT water bodies

June 2012

Dr. Markus Richter (l.) and Bernd Averbeck (4th from right) with representatives of NABU's local association in Diepholz

Representatives of NABU's local association in Diepholz appeared impressed by the numerous new amphibian spawning grounds that were created as part of the LIFE AMPHIKULT project over the past two years. Two relevant areas in the Aschen region were visited under the direction of Dr. Markus Richter, project manager of NABU’s National Association. Eighteen new spawning grounds for the European tree frog and moor frog have been created or re-developed thus far. This spring, the new spawning grounds were used by first moor frogs.

20 years LIFE-programme: Amphibian excursion

May 2012

 Life Logo 20 years
European tree frog                                             Photo: Naturschutzring Dummer

European tree frog

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the European Union’s LIFE- programme, NABU Lower Saxony, in cooperation with the Naturschutzring Dummer e.V., has arranged for an amphibian excursion on Friday, 25 May at 8.30pm. Among the excursion's destinations are the spawning grounds at the Dummer’s Ochsenmoor nature preserve, whose creation was one of the objectives of the LIFE-project AMPHIKULT. The meeting point for the excursion is at the Naturschutzstation Dummer, Am Ochsenmoor 52 in 49448 Hüde.